Love Your Whole Self
Love Yourself Whole         
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead

      Empowered Dreams is an inspirational vision entrusted to Dr.Vicki High. As with most projects orchestrated in the celestial realms, the timetable has been adjusted. People have provided valuable lessons and some have been compelled to participate from their hearts and souls. The collaborations continue to flow in this dance of dreams, while being synchronous and blended as if orchestrated into a beautiful symphony with incredible harmony. Using the basic building blocks gifted from Spirit, Empowered Dreams has evolved to teach, mentor and help people live empowered, conscious lives. Opportunities are available to discover more about what makes your soul sing, while healing areas of your life that keep from living fully. There are connections to be made, to explore, to learn, to live and to love. Healing practitioners, wise women and men, experts in their fields all help us integrate these wonderful tools, improving lives and businesses. 

      Empowered Dreams serves people actively healing while becoming whole, empowered and spiritually enlightened. These individuals and groups operate with integrity and live from the heart. We model empowerment through actions and words. We build communities while embracing diversity and eliminating separations and judgments of any kind. We are here to change realities of medicine, healing and business today. We provide strategic mentoring, valuing our services, and continued success through referrals by clients. When we show people how to live more fulfilling lives, we help them turn obstacles into stepping stones for their success personally and professionally. Ultimately, we change the world.  

  • We provide innovation, creativity, unique ideas and blueprints for living empowered dreams…
  • We promote seminar and workshop events along with activities that help increase public awareness of healing communities’ services and products.
  • We create opportunities through business consulting services and strategies with integrity and inspired solutions.  We advance and improve economic growth in healing and business communities while expanding horizons beyond today’s limitations.
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